Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Characteristics of an Excellent Christian Teacher

I've started to look at different private schools to see if I can get a jump-start on my teaching career. I came across a document in the Westminster Christian School's website. They created a list of characteristics they look for in a teacher, and I thought it was really thought-provoking.

An excellent Christian teacher:

I. is an excellent Christian example,

II. has positive expectations for student success,

III. gets students excited about learning—even in subjects they consider less

IV. communicates promptly and effectively,

V. gives worthwhile homework assignments that are…
a. challenging but fair and
b. that prepare the student to test well,

VI. supports the work and vision of Westminster Christian School (maybe we can just
say Christian schools in general?),

VII. goes above and beyond the call of duty,

VIII. is a subject matter and grade level expert—
a. passionate and enthusiastic about teaching it,
b. teaching it from a distinctly Christian world and life view, and
c. making the subject come alive for the student,

IX. knows and cares about each child as an individual, and

X. is a true professional.


alexita said...

you meet all those requirements. :)

Merari said...

if all the teachers I encountered in my academic career met all those requirements, maybe I would have enjoyed school! hehe.

you can do it! maybe we'll be teachers together ;-)